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San Jose in 2018 | Join the SJ in 2018 Bid Committee
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Join the SJ in 2018 Bid Committee

The bid is over, but our team at Worldcon 76 is still reading the submissions, if you want to volunteer.

Worldcon is a community event, not an “us and them” kind of event. There is no “us” who doesn’t pay, and there’s no great big “them” who pay for the committee’s fun. Only the Guests of Honor, who we are celebrating, are special. Everybody else pays.

We’re trying to keep the responsibilities for committee members that have attached financial obligations to a reasonable minimum.

Pre-supporting responsibility

$90 Friend-of-Bid level pre-support registration with the San Jose in 2018 bid

Bid committee members must register at at least the “friend-of-bid” pre-supporting membership level in San Jose in 2018. This is a $90 obligation, but will result in your voting fee automatically converting to an attending membership in the 2018 San Jose Worldcon. This should be your cheapest opportunity to register for a full attending membership.

Bid committee members who can afford to are encouraged to pre-support at a higher “Venture Capitalist” level, of course.

This is a reduction in price compared to some traditional bid structures. The San Francisco in 2002 bid committee had a $300 pre-supporting membership for all bid committee members.

Friend-of-bid pre-supports for committee members may be purchased on an installment plan. For more information speak with the treasurer and registrar.

In hardship cases, this requirement may be waived after review. Pre-supporting at the Friend-of-bid level and then voting is still the cheapest way to get an attending membership. Waiver of the pre-support requirement will make attendance cost higher.

Voting Responsibility

Voting in site selection at the 2016 Worldcon (by mail, in person, or through a hand-carried ballot) is required for all bid committee members.

$50 Supporting Membership in the 2016 Worldcon

2018 site selection takes place at the 2016 Worldcon in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. You are not required to attend the 2016 Worldcon, but you must have a supporting or attending membership so you are eligible to vote for San Jose in 2018. We will be asking you for confirmation that you have a membership, and nagging those of you who don’t.

$40 (guesstimate) Advance Membership (voting) fee for 2018 site selection

To win this, we’re going to need every bid committee member to vote in site selection. When site selection voting opens, we will be asking for confirmation that you have cast your ballot, and nagging those of you who haven’t.

If you can accept these responsibilities, please fill out our bid committee volunteer form: