How to Choose The Best Mezcal To Buy

mezcal drink

It is really hard to make mezcal. It is made up of agave plants that take a decade to get ripened and effort to harvest and ferment. This process requires skill and a bit of luck for having something delicious. Mezcal is an excellent craft spirit, which is why cocktail writers and bartenders celebrate it for years. Here are the tips to follow to buy the best mezcal bottle at the liquor store:

Check the labels of the bottle

The number of mezcal producers caring about their labels is increasing, and I’ve heard that some won’t let their spirits go into bottles with a certain cheap-looking design. So a bottle with good looking design is considered a high-quality buy mezcal. It is expensive too.

Verify the bottle contains details about the type of agave, where it was grown, as well as whether it was distilled in clay, copper, or another way. Ensure the producers never hide any information.

Find out there is higher proof

Cask strength determines the quantity of the mezcal proof. The cask strength varies based on the producer. The average mezcal proof should be 80, if it is above 80 then you will get drunk faster.

Unaged one is better than aged

Mezcal can be tasty aged, but it generally does not improve with time as whiskey does. With age, the spirit loses its vegetable bite and other flavors that make it so fascinating to drink. Fortunately, this is a relatively straightforward process. A clear mezcal hasn’t been aged. If your barrel is tanned or brown, you have to choose the unaged.