A Note On cam locks

cam locks

This type of lock is simple but strong. It consists of a barrel-shaped body and a level swivel arm that is turned using a key to make an association between the door frame and the leaf to lock it. Cam locks typically rotate somewhere in the range of 90 and 180 degrees and can be used to obtain a wide variety of storage brackets and other passages. The following are some of the thingsĀ cam locks can be used for:


Closets and pantries containing important things will profit from the expansion of a cam lock. If you’re a collector or own significant esteemed or money-related property, keeping these things safe is naturally vital, as is keeping prescriptions, synthetics, and other hazardous substances away – and it’s exceptionally simple to do. They are remarkably simple to fit.


Your desktop drawers will likely contain delicate data and individual subtleties that are vital to protect. Cam locks are especially famous for these reasons, as they are circumspect and suitable for installation on both small and larger surfaces.

Mailboxes and pigeon holes

If your home or business environment needs to keep the mail safe or records passed between employees from falling into unacceptable hands, then introducing a camera lock on the main compartment or getting categorizations this way will genuinely add a necessary security component. Again, if your mailbox access is located in an unprotected area, looking for a waterproof lock will increase its lifespan.