How Often Should You Go To Children Dentist Singapore?

Most parents who have got lil’ kids tend to sideline dental health when it comes to their wellbeing. Taking it playfully while your tots are busy chomping sticky candies, jellies, cupcakes, and donuts can pose a serious issue later. Research carried out in 1993 by the United Kingdom Child Dental Health Survey revealed that children who were taken to the children dentist singapore when they faced some problem had more filled and decayed teeth compared to the ones who made regular visits regardless of dental symptoms. This provokes the guardians to make a move and finally consider hitting the clinic with their toddlers, which is just across the street.

How many times should children visit the dentist?

The first pediatric dentist visit should be made either on the first birthday or six months after the first tooth shows up. While a study shows that most parents prefer to take their kids to the dentist at age 4 or 6, a time when dental issues begin to develop. Ideally, the best frequency for seeing the doctor here is once every six months to ensure usual dental care maneuvers such as fluoride treatment, cleaning, x-ray, and other dental tests to screen the issues in time. These regular 6-month appointments enable the dentist to understand whether your child is following the right brushing routine and diagnose any decay or filling. These visits are worthwhile as periodic cleaning and fluoride therapy promises sound dental health.

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